Form 12D distribution begins

The booth level officials started distributing ‘Form-12D’, to aged persons, above 80 years of age, differently abled and corona affected persons by visiting door to door to help them use postal ballots.

Assembly elections are going to be held on April 6 amid precautionary measures against the spread of corona.

For this, the elderly people over the age of 80, the disabled and the corona victims have been given the opportunity to post.

For those who wish to cast their postal ballots, they are given a ‘Form-12D’, their option is obtained, their address, polling station details, voter details, etc. are filled in the form with getting the signature of the voters concerned in the form.

If such kind of voters want to go to the polling station and register the ballot, their signature would be obtained in the form with information that they ‘do not want’ postal ballot.

If the person has a corona infection, the form confirms the date on which he was diagnosed with corona infection, the place of treatment, the date of confirmation of recovery, whether he/she wants to go to the polling station or use the postal ballots.

In Erode district, 52,000 people are in the 3 categories of voters. According to the election officials, the work on distributing Form 12D in each polling station area, will be completed within 10 days and then they will start preparing the postal ballot for those who need it.

So far, more than 6,000 people have been given the forms, they added.

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