Food scarcity may occur?

Ethanol is less likely to heat up as quickly as petrol and diesel.

Thus in winter, the vehicles cannot be driven as fast as the car featured in the Tamil movie ‘Karakattakaran’.

They say mileage will be less. Currently, a maximum of 8.5 percent of ethanol is blended with petrol.

The union government is currently in the process of increasing this to 15 to 20 percent. It also plans to bring it to a maximum of 85 percent.

International food experts warn that increasing the usage of ethanol will increase food scarcity.

At present, some countries including the United States, are using ethanol as fuel.

Thus there has been a food-fuel conflict.

The economic crisis in India is already hectic. Farmers have been pushed into various crises by the agricultural amendment laws.

It is also predicted that there is a possibility of a massive food famine in India if the products grown in this environment are used for alternative projects.

So the union government can encourage vehicles that run on electricity.

Or it would be better to embark on an effort to implement an alternative fuel plan so as not to cause a food crisis.

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