FM asked to waive farm loans fully in Union Budget

Tamil Nadu joint action council of farmers associations president PK Deivasigamani appealed to the union finance minister Nirmala Seetharaman to waive all farm loans in the nationalized and private banks in the nation to relieve the ryots from the debt trap.

Talking to newsmen here on Wednesday, he said that the then DMK rule waived farm loans in co-op banks only.

But, after that, the ryots were suffering with huge debt burden in both co-op, nationalized and commercial banks all over the state.

Their problems were accentuated due to corona and frequent natural calamities including various cyclones in various parts of the state.

Now, most of the ryots were in dire straits and were unhappy with the Centre due to its rigid stand of enforcing new farm Acs.
So, the Acts should be withdrawn immediately to satisfy them.

The budget should have provisions related to minimum support price for all farm goods, including turmeric.

Introduction of new farm know how to improve food production and reduce cost of cultivation.

It should also remove the confusion over natural calamities relief fund, Prime Minister crop insurance premium and insurance relief.

Now the insurance scheme is in favour of the insurance firms only, he charged and wanted a change in the scheme in favour of ryots.

He also wanted pension for all ryots to protect them and farm sector.

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