Five hundred women screened at free medical camp

Dec. 16:
Five hundred women hailing from poor families were examined by a team of doctors from Manu Hospital, Pari Nagar at the free medical camp at Gnanam Social Service Centre, Pari Nagar, Coimbatore-45 on Sunday.

The free medical camp was organised by Society of Sisters of St. Anne said Sr. Arockiya Pramila Superior St. Anne’ convent.
Doctors Sampath kumar (General Physician), Arthi Pari (Obstetrician & Women’s Welfare), Lavanya (Paediatrician) and Ambili Prabha Ranjith (General Physician) from Manu Hospital, Pari Nagar examined the patients and offered free consultations.

Patients who were identified to be in need of treatment for major diseases will be treated at Manu Hospital under the government’s comprehensive health insurance scheme. Free food was served to those patients who attended the medical camp.

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