Farmers’ expectation

The Union Government has withdrawn 3 new agricultural laws which have earned the displeasure of farmers across the country. While this is considered a victory for the farmers’ year-long struggle, it is important to remember those who lost their lives in the struggle against these laws. All three bills, namely the Agricultural Commodities, Trade and Commerce Act, the Essential Commodities Amendment Act, the Price Assurance and the Farm Service Act, were passed by Parliament with the corporates in mind.

Parties including the DMK and the Congress have repeatedly insisted that this will not only affect farmers but also the agricultural industry. Farmers in Punjab and Haryana stayed permanently on the Delhi border for a year to protest against the Union Government. Various attempts by the government to suppress the protest have failed. Negotiations did not provide a solution.

Farmers do their jobs amidst rain, climate change, and storm damage. The agricultural sector, like any other sector, is not always smooth. So it is impossible for farmers to get a permanent income. The withdrawal of the new agricultural laws is therefore commendable. At the same time, the farmers’ associations have to be consulted to take action on their other demands. It is the expectation and demand of the farmers’ organizations that if the Union Government decides to enact legislation in the interest of agriculture, it must first consult with the representatives of the unions and bring reforms.

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