Farmers enlightened about soil test need and sampling proccedures

The Government of Tamil Nadu Department of Agriculture is advising farmers to apply fertilizers to their crops as per the results of the soil testing report.

Soil sample collection camp was held at Kadamalaikundu, Theni district by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Murugesan, Assistant Director of Agriculture Kadamalaikundu, presided over the event.

The Deputy Agriculture Officer and Assistant Agricultural Officers gave a demonstration on how to take soil samples to the farmers and send them to the laboratory.

The officials explained to the farmers the procedures for soil sample collection and submission for testing.
Nutrient details and soil sampling results will be given after soil test.

Thus the right crop can be selected and cultivated according to the nature of the soil.
This will reduce the cost, fertilization and time yield and revenue would increase.

It is mandatory for farmers to conduct soil testing.
For more details the officials said.

Farmers can contact the office of Kadamalaikundu Assistant Director of agriculture Mr.Murugesan, Assistant Director of Agriculture, said

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