Experts from Chennai inspect Gobi drinking water project: KAS

Experts from Chennai are inspecting the Gobi Municipality drinking water project. Campaigning at Gobi town on Wednesday, he said: Rs 52 crore has been allocated for the daily supply of drinking water in Gobi town and the work was progressing fast.

But in the meanwhile the workers from the North fled to their respective states because of Corona. So there was a slowdown in the work.

Now the workers are back. The works are progressing fast. In many places water is not flowing in the pipes due to blocks in it.

So, an expert team has come from Chennai to study the problem.

On inspection of some places, it was revealed that there were various blockages in the pipes supplying drinking water.

Steps are being taken to remove the problem and provide water. In a few weeks, the work will be completed and all households will be provided with drinking water daily.

The AIADMK has announced in its election manifesto a plan to distribute ration items in all houses following many complaints from public about non availability of ration goods.

The ration shop staff will come to houses to deliver all the items and get the signature. A government order has been issued for this, he said.

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