Expenditure Observer consults Corpn officials

Various measures are being taken to ensure smooth conduct of elections in Erode district.

Returning Officers have already been appointed in 8 Assembly constituencies.

2741 Polling Centers have been set up.

Polling officials are inspecting
all the facilities being arranged at the polling centers.

In Erode district
Aroop Chatterjee has been appointed as election expenditure observer for Erode East and West constituencies, Sanjeev Kumar Dev for Modakkurichi and Perundurai constituencies, Arjun Lal Jat for Anthiyur and Gobi constituencies and Bhavani Shankar Meena for Bhavani and Bhavani Sagar constituencies.

On Friday, Aroop Chatterjee visited the Erode Corporation office and inspected the nomination process.

Erode East Constituency Election Officer and Commissioner of the Corporation Ilangovan explained Arup Chatterjee in detail about the facilities provided in the office for filing nominations

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