Excavation work resumed at Kodumanal

Archaeological Survey of Tamil Nadu resumed excavation work at Kodumanal near Chennimalai in Erode district.

There is evidence that those who lived there about 2,300 years ago excelled in business and industry.

Although excavations have been carried out here for many years, the University of Tanjore and the University of Pondicherry have been conducting excavations since 1981.

Thereafter, on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Survey, a team led by its Project Director J. Ranjith carried out the 8th excavation work, beginning in May 2020, for 6 months.

At that time, copper and silver coins, tools, Brahmi characters and artefacts were found in the area where the workshops were located.

Tombstones, numerous earthenware pots, and human bones have also been found.

In this context, excavations are being carried out again in Kodumanal under the direction of J. Ranjith, Project Director, Archaeological Survey of Tamil Nadu.

Excavations last year uncovered a canal that was designed to drain water from factories.

It was thought that the canal may have gone as far as the Noyal River.

However, no further study was conducted at that time as the period for research work was over.

At present, excavations of 10 m long and 10 m wide pits have been uncovered at 2 sites at depths of 30 cm with finding of various types of stone dating back to 2300 years, its raw materials, glass pieces, conical bracelets, earthenware, and signs of drainage. Also, a spoon-shaped object about 12 cm in length has been found.

Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the site.

Studies so far have found workshops and cemeteries on privately owned land.

The current excavation is taking place in the northern part of the Noyal River, which is owned by the Public Works Department.

An ongoing study suggests that more antiquities are likely to be available.
The excavation is expected to last until September.

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