EVMs sent to assembly segments

The process of sending EVMs from the strong room at the Kollampalayam Railway Colony High School campus in Erode to the eight segments in the district began on Tuesday.

There are 2,741 polling booths in eight segments in Erode district.

For them, 4,620 voting machines, 3,317 control devices, 3,558 VVPATs, were kept in the School.

In the presence of the representatives of the political parties, the EVMs for the segments were randomised through computers and the process of sending them to 8 segments began in the GPS kit attached trucks with the police surveillance teams.

They were handed over to the Returning Officers of the segments concerned.

Regarding this, Collector C. Kathiravan said: The required EVMs with addition of 20 percent of the EVMs were sent for each segment where the EVMs would be kept in safely in Taluk offices with 24-hour camera surveillance facility.

Once the election observers arrive, the ROs will open the room in the presence of political party representatives and once again inspect the machines.

Then, it will be randomized by computers and sent to the various booths in the segments concerned, he said. 22 COMPLAINTS:

The election cell in the district, 22 complaints were received so far regarding violation of model code of conduct, including 7 on Tuesday, regarding election process.

As per the order of the EC, the complaints should be settled within 100 minutes.

So, within 15 minutes of receipt of the complaint through the Collector’s Office, the relevant election office will be notified and within the next 15 minutes the Flying Squad or the relevant authorities will investigate and record the photo and video.

The report will be sent to the Returning Officer within the next 20 minutes It will be sent to the EC through the C-Vigil App of the Electoral Authority within the next ten minutes.

Action has taken on 22 complaints received in the district and a report has been sent to the EC, he said.

HILL AREAS: At the polling booths in the hill station in the district, only those in the area will be given a special permission by the EC to work in booths. Of the 2,741 polling booths in the district, only 118 are in hilly areas like Kadambur and Bargur Hills. Of these, 17 in Anthiyur area and 21 in Bargur area have no internet connection.

The booths will be videographed and information will be shared through the Walkie Talkies of the Forest Department..

We have sent a letter to the EC asking the staff in the area to get work orders without following the computer randomization system as it is difficult for other polling staff to work in such a hilly area.

Once EC approved the suggestion, they will be ordered to work there.

Female staff will not be compelled to work there. The EVMs and materials needed for the Kathirimalai hill area have so far been carried by donkeys.

This year, the forest department has been asked to transport the materials in four-wheelers.

We are taking steps to slightly repair the rough roads and move the equipment and personnel through a vehicle with ‘war wheel drive’ facility.

If the facility does not work properly, the donkeys will carry the materials as before, with the help of forest staff and rangers in the area, he added.

CORONA: Of the 16,000 election staff in the Erode district, 3,020 have been vaccinated against corona, so far.

In the district, 13,120 teachers and civil servants, 3,000 policemen, special officers for election work will involve in election work.

As the EC has urged them to vaccinate against corona on a priority basis, yesterday, 3,020 staff have been vaccinated. Others will still be vaccinated within ten days.

In the poll, 20,000 first time voters are expected to cast their ballots. In the 8 segments, there are 9,53,767 male, 10,03,332 female, 104 transgender, 278 service voters, totalling 19,57,481 voters.

Of these, 20,000 are 18-year-old who are newly enrolled as voters.
For the district, 4 Election Expenditure Observers have been appointed (one each for every 2 segments).

They will soon be engaged in such work, he added.

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