EVMs cannot be manipulated, says Satyabrata Sahoo

Nobody can manipulate the electronic voting machines(EVM), says Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo.

Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu Satyabrata Sahoo spoke to the press on Monday and made a clear statement that the EVMs cannot be hacked by anyone. He then said that the vote counting will begin from 8.30 am on May 2, where the postal votes will be counted first.

“Since the government has imposed a complete curfew on all Sundays, and May 2 also falls on a Sunday, further decisions on the restrictions will be made after consultation,” he added. He added that the EVMs are extremely safe under police surveillance and nothing has gone wrong so far. “Electronic machines are not calculators to manipulate it,” he said.

He also ensured that strict action will be taken if any issues arise.

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