Every woman in India is an artist!

Vyjayanthi Sabapathy, a passionate artist from Hyderabad has participated in a virtual Guinness World Record event organised on Facebook.

She is very passionate about arts and crafts. Having been born and brought up in Hyderabad, 56-year-old Vyjayanthi says that she has a fond memory of Coimbatore.

The event was jointly conducted, on 02 May 2021, by RADART and IARF and the theme was “The Most photos of people painting uploaded to Facebook in one hour”.

“RADART Foundation is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, headed by its Director Mayank Vyaas. International Artists RADART Foundation (IARF) is a US-based association, headed by artist Dr Mahima Gupta.

Both are voluntary associations of performing artists. About 797 artists participated in the event and Vyjayanthi was one of them.

Talking to AFTERNOON, she said that she was passionate about arts and crafts, since her childhood. “I gifted my mom a handmade wire bag when I was a child. And that was my first experience with art.

I learnt the art of making bags from one of my neighbours,” she says. Vyjyanthi lost her father when she was in the 10th grade.

She had to take up various responsibilities of her house due to which she could not pursue her passion. She had been an IT professional before she took a break to pursue her passion.

Playing multiple roles at home and office, Vyjayanthi like any other Indian woman, had no time to follow her heart. The affinity towards arts had never faded away from her heart.

It sparked out once again when she visited an art exhibition in Hyderabad. She wanted to buy a Tanjore Painting work but she couldn’t do so as it cost too much.

Then she decided that she would learn the art soon.
Vyjayanthi was very much excited when her husband, who works in a bank, was transferred to Coimbatore in 2012.

Sharing her memories in Coimbatore, she says, “Coimbatore is a big hub for all types of arts and crafts and there are umpteen opportunities to learn. There is good patronage for art from the people over there”.

She asserts that she learned many forms of art from Coimbatore. Since Coimbatore was one of the main reasons for her to revoke her artistry, she cherishes the place so much.

Over a period of time, she developed her skills in various arts and crafts including Tanjore Painting, Reverse Glass Tanjore Painting, Acrylic painting, Persian Art, Paper quilling, wall art and quilling dolls.

“I have also specialized in carpet rangoli. I love to decorate Marapachi dolls in Tanjore style. I continue to explore various types of arts and crafts and am always on the lookout to learn a new art,” she says.

Talking about the support from her family, she says that her husband is very supportive and cordial for whatever she does.

Taking a different tangent in her career, Vyjayanthi is an enthusiastic woman who strives to feed her creative hunger. She remarks that every woman in India is an artist.

“It is just that one has to find an opportunity to nurture creativity. If all the women are able to get a good mentorship, then anybody can excel in arts and can even turn it into a source of income,” she adds, “Art is like a meditation and it soothes me emotionally during tough times”.

She then goes on to talk about the multifarious opportunities available online. One such opportunity was this record event and she feels happy about being part of it. Further details of the event are available on https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/.

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