ESI Dean denies allegations against him

Coimbatore ESI, Dean Dr Raveendran has denied the allegations that were put forth against him in a newspaper.

The Dean held a press meet in Coimbatore on Wednesday in this regard. Speaking then, he said, “After 30 years as a Professor at Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital, I was promoted to Ooty and then transferred to Coimbatore ESI Hospital.

The number of people suffering from corona and receiving treatment has dropped to 140 since I arrived. He pointed out that the bed capacity has been increased from 530 to 1250 beds in 90 days.” He further added that he was working hard for the hospital considering it as his own hospital and when that was the case, the particular newspaper has allegedly reported a falsified accusation against him.

“If that paper would issue an indictment and if any, with the relevant evidence, appropriate action would be taken,” he added. He further said that the complaint that the hospital charged Rs 3000 for cremation is being investigated. “I give this explanation as it is distressing to see the report which alleges that I was given the job out of nepotism with the help of the former minister.

He then said that he is about to appeal to the Press Council in this regard. He also clarified that the paid attenders and home nurses are being hired at the ESI hospital only after obtaining legal permission and it is being done to compensate for the lack of manpower.

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