Erroneous NEET evaluation for a TN student

A Kanchipuram student who had answered 177 questions in the NEET exam was shocked to find out in the OMR sheet which said that he had answered only 6 questions.

Sushil Kumar’s son Ayush, from Sriperumbudur in Kanchipuram district, took part in the NEET(national eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam last month. He had answered 177 out of a total of 180 questions and was shocked to see his OMR sheet released a few days ago.It states that the student has answered only 6 questions.

The students’ side said the National Testing Agency and the Prime Minister’s Office had not issued a response to the complaint that was lodged online.

The student has applied for re-evaluation by paying Rs. 35,000 for 177 questions at the rate of Rs. 200 per question pointing out the mistake to the National Examination Agency. The student’s family is at a loss as to what to do.

The hard work put forth by the student for the entrance exam has become questionable as the exam results are coming out soon.

Allegations have surfaced that the union government is paving the way for such irregularities in an environment where NEET exam students are already experiencing various hardships.

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