Erode:Free travel for women in 297 buses

Women are allowed to travel in 297 town buses free of charge in TNSTC Erode division.

The first women who travelled on these buses free of charge was greeted with sweets by the drivers and conductors. The CM MK Stalin on Friday ordered that women can travel free on town buses in Tamil Nadu.

This order was one of the 5 key poll promises that he signed while assuming office.

Following the immediate effect of the order, the women were allowed to travel free on town buses in the Erode district on Saturday. The buses was affixed with a sticker about free travel for women.

Transportation officials said: In Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, low-floor buses, LSS City buses are operated and some buses with AC facility. These buses do not have free admission.

The fare in other town buses is Rs. 5 to to 22. Of this, 60 per cent of buses have fares up-to Rs 12, 30 per cent Rs 16, and 10 per cent of buses up to Rs 22. Women will be allowed to travel on these buses free of cost.

The fare for the first two stops is Rs. 5 will. Very few alone travel for such distance.

Will travel at Rs 5 fare. Many will travel for the fare up-to Rs 7. So, their to and fro charge is Rs 14 per day and nearly Rs 400 per month.

Similarly, those who are travelling in Rs 12, 16, 22 tickets daily would save considerable amount every month.

The scheme would greatly help construction workers, 100-day NREGS staff, casual, daily, wage, agriculture, factory labours, students, cleaners and teachers in schools and colleges, etc. .

Most of them go on regular buses and return in the evening.

Free buses for women run at the time of their departure would also help the much.

At the same time, private town buses will suffer huge loss as women would wait for government buses to travel free of cost to save considerable amount every month.

So, they would also give some concession to women, they hoped.

More than 25 city buses ply from Satyamangalam to Gobi, Kallipatti and Puliyampatti. Most of the daily wage workers asked for a ticket from the conductor without knowing it was free travel on Saturday.

Then they were pleased to hear that free travel was allowed by the CM.

Many women, who depend on bus to go to their work spot daily, thanked the CM for reducing their financial burden by allowing free travel.

It would also help improve public transport system as many would skip 2 wheelers, which could in turn check air pollution problem and conserve fuel.

It would also reduce the work burden of conductors and solve ‘coin shortage problem’ of them.

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