Erode AIADMK candidates bio-data

Erode district has a total of 8 assembly constituencies namely Erode East, Erode West, Modakkurichi, Perundurai, Bhavani, Anthiyur, Gobichettipalayam and Bhavanisagar (Reserve).

The AIADMK leadership has allotted 2 constituencies- Erode East and Modakkurichi to the coalition parties and fielded its own candidates in the remaining 6 constituencies.

This includes 2 sitting ministers, one sitting MLA and 3 newcomers. Let’s see who are the candidates fielded and what their background is.
Erode West – KV Ramalingam

KV Ramalingam (64), the sitting MLA from Erode West constituency, has been re-nominated.

KV Ramalingam’s hometown is Kallivalasu village in Darapuram taluk, Tirupur district. Belonging to the Kongu Vellalar community, KV Ramalingam, who was the Union Secretary of Darapuram, has been the District Secretary of the Erode Bailiff since 2008.

In 2010, he resigned as a Rajya Sabha MP and contested the 2011 Assembly elections in Erode West constituency.

After winning the election, he became PWD Minister. He was ousted within 3 years due to a land grab complaint.

He contested again in Erode West in 2016 and is currently an MLA. Ramalingam has secured a seat in the 2021 elections on the basis of being a district secretary, sitting MLA and former minister.

Perundurai – JK (A) Jayakumar
JK (Alias) Jayakumar has been declared the candidate for the Perundurai constituency. Jayakumar, who studied BBM and DCM is in the real estate business.

He joined the AIADMK in 1999 and has held the posts of Branch Secretary and Erode Suburban District Student Affairs Secretary.

He has been the Union Councilor of Perundurai for 15 consecutive years from 2006 to date.

He is currently the 10th Ward Councilor in Perundurai Panchayat Union. Former minister and sitting MLA Thoppu Venkatachalam was denied the seat and Jayakumar replaced him.

Bhavani – KC Karuppanan
Environment Minister and Bhavani’s sitting MLA KC Karuppanan has been declared the candidate for Bhavani constituency again. Karuppanan (64) hails from Kattuvalasu village near Kavunthappadi in Erode district.

Belonging to the Kongu Vellalar community, he also runs real estate business and educational institutions.

He started his political career as the Secretary of his village branch in 1972.

He was the party chairman of the Bhavani Panchayat Union in 1994, the Secretary of the Bhavani Union in 1999 and the MLA of the Bhavani constituency from 2001-2006.

He faced defeat in the segment in 2006 poll and was denied seat in 2011 poll Subsequently, in 2011, he became Bhavani municipal chairman.

In 2016, he again contested from the constituency and became an MLA.

As a bonus, he got the post of Erode Suburban District Secretary and the post of Minister of Environment.

He was again given party ticket.

Anthiyur – KS Shanmugavel
KS Shanmugavel is the candidate for Anthiyur constituency. S

hanmugavel hails from Karungalvadiputhur area next to Anthiyur.

Agriculture is his profession. He has been with the AIADMK since 1987.

He was branch Secretary in 1989, Anthiyur Panchayat Union Councilor in 2001, Agriculture wing Treasurer in 2005 MGR Youth Wing Joint Secretary and Anthiyur Panchayat Union Councilor in 2006 and is a member of the Anthiyur 3rd Ward District Panchayat Committee member after winning the 2020 local body elections.

Gobichettipalayam – KA Senkottayan
Senkottaiyan (73), an MGR-era politician and a senior member of the AIADMK, has been declared the AIADMK candidate for the Gobichettipalayam constituency.

Kullampalayam near Gobichettipalayam is the hometown of him.

In 1969, he took over as the Chairman of the Kullampalayam Panchayat.

He has been a member of the AIADMK since 1972.

He has held various positions including District Secretary, Organizational Secretary, Propaganda Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Headquarters Secretary.

He contested and won the Satyamangalam Assembly constituency for the first time in 1977 and became an MLA.

Then, he became Gobi MLA 7 times.

He was the Minister of Transport and Forests from 1991-1996 and in 2011 held the cabinet portfolios of Agriculture, Information Technology and Revenue. A

fter the death of Jayalalithaa in 2016, he became Minister of School Education, Youth Welfare and Sports Development. Senkottaiyan, a senior leader of the party is again contesting.

Bhavani Sagar (Reserve) – A.Pannari
A. Pannari (42) has been given party ticket for the Bhavani Sagar Assembly constituency.

He belongs to Arunthatiyar community.

He lives in the Periya Kallipatti village near Bavanisagar. He is the party branch secretary of his village.

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