EPL selected as recyclable tooth paste tube supplier to Unliver

MUEPL Limited (formerly known as EsselPropack Limited), a specialty packaging company, today announced that they have been selected as a partner by Unilever, in their journey towards achieving 100% sustainability in the oral care segment.

EPL will supply their APR approved, 100% recyclable and fully sustainable Platina Tubes, for the toothpaste category of Unilever.

Unilever will be launching fully recyclable tubes later this year in two of their biggest oral care markets, France and India.

EPL’s Platina Tube with HDPE closure, is the world’s first fully sustainable and completely recyclable tube accredited by APR.

This partnership will help Unilever’s oral care brands like Signal, Pepsodent and Closeup to be 100% recyclable by 2025.

Speaking on the partnership, Ram Ramasamy, Chief Operating Officer, EPL Limited said, “EPL’s Platina, eco-friendly laminated tube, produced with less than 5% barrier resin, is designed to deliver source reduction and recyclability without the loss of any barrier properties.

Platina tube is especially suited for oral and beauty & cosmetics products brands.”

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