Entrance fee for freight vehicles going to Thalavadi cancelled

The Satyamangalam District Forest Officer Kirubasankar said the entrance fee for all vehicles going to Thalamalai and Thalavadi through the Thimbam check post has been waived due to the total freeze in force in Karnataka.

There are more than 100 hill villages on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border, including Thalamalai and Thalavadi.

All lorries departing from Satyamangalam proceeded to the Tamil Nadu border town of Thalavadi via the Pulinchoor check post on the Karnataka border.

The general lock down has been implemented in Karnataka as a precautionary measure as the disease is currently on the rise in the state. As a result, Tamil Nadu vehicles have been banned from passing through the Pulinchoor check post.

Due to this, Tamil Nadu buses, goods and vegetable laden vehicles were allowed to go to Thalavadi via Thimbam check post, Thalamalai in Tamil Nadu without entering Karnataka.

The Thalamalai Forest Department charged an entrance fee to go through the alternative Thimbam check post.

The villagers protested that they could not pay the entrance fee every time as the curfew in Karnataka was used only for essential needs.

Satyamangalam District Forest Officer Kirubasankar said that the entrance fee collection at the Thimbam check post will be cancelled until the end of the general freeze in Karnataka.

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