Elephants damage banana plantation

Elephants entered villages near Satyamangalam and damaged more than 300 banana trees on Tuesday.

There are more than 20 elephants in the Vilamundi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is part of the Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve.

The elephants used to leave the forest frequently at night and infiltrate nearby villages, damaging crops including bananas, sugarcane and maize.

In this situation, three wild elephants left the forest early on Tuesday morning and entered the village of Karithottampalayam near Bhavanisagar and entered the farms of three local farmers, Rasu, Thankaraj and Nanchundasamy, eating and trampling more than 300 banana trees, of Kathali and G9 varieties.

When the farmers visited their garden, they were shocked to find that more than 300 banana trees had been damaged.

They immediately informed the forest department about this.

The forest officials went to the spot and surveyed the banana trees damaged by the elephants.

The farmers have demanded that the forest department take action to prevent the elephants from leaving the forest and provide proper compensation for the damaged banana trees.

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