Elephant dies due to electrocution


A male wild elephant died early morning today due to electrocution by an electrified fence. Due to intrution of wild elephants in villages on the foot of Western Ghats, like Thondamuthur, Iruttupallam, Semedu, Alanthurai and Annnakatti pass farmers are being killed as a result of human-elephant conflicts. Elephants also destroy standing crops.

A farmer named Durai in Alanduarai, Semedu village had electrified his agricultural land. About 3 am a male wild elephant had intruded into Durai’s farm in search of food.

It came into contact with the electrified fence and died on the spot. People in the area who noticed this informed the Forest Range Office in Thondamuthur.

Forest personnel arrived and launched post mortem and investigation. Durai was interogated. Further investigations are on said forest officials.

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