Electoral transgressions: Parties have to be vigilant

In 2019, the Lok Sabha election in Tamil Nadu was held in a single phase on April 18 and the votes were counted on May 23.

In the Theni constituency, Ravindranath Kumar, son of the Deputy Chief Minister OPS contested against Elangovan from congress. After the polling was over, the electronic voting machines were kept safely. 

At the same time, 50 voting machines from Coimbatore were brought there at night. Though there were a lot of justifications given from the government’s side, the Congress cadres were not satisfied.

At the end of the results, the ADMK won only in that constituency in the entire state. Ravindranath Kumar was declared to have won at a margin of 26,000 votes.

During the counting, many voting machines did not have a seal on them. When asked, the officers said that the sealing wax slipped down. Elangovan alleged that Ravindranath won by fraudulent methods. 

Complaints have been raised in the Thondamuthur constituency of Coimbatore district as well. Karthikeya Sivasenapathi of DMK is contesting against the ADMK candidate Velumani.

When the DMK candidate started off for his campaign, he was given tight security and video coverage like that of the Chief Minister. He was stunned by it and when inquired, the reason told was security purpose. 

A commotion was created when the vehicle of Minister Kadambur Raju was checked. Not just this, but a lot more violation of electoral guidelines has started to take place. Makkal Needhi Maiyam chief Kamal Hasan’s campaign in Namakkal and Erode districts were cancelled as he was denied permission to land his helicopter. 

As the election comes near, there will be a lot of transgressions with the help of officers. It is the duty of each political party to be alert.

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