Election officials correct their mistake


Election officials who desecrated the pictures of national leaders including Gandhi, Nehru, Kamaraj, Abdul Kalam, painted on the compound wall of the Erode corporation middle school wall by throwing limestone mixed water on Friday, in the name of election code of conduct, corrected their mistake by repainting the pictures, following widespread condemnation from public in social media. The school is located at SKC Road Erode.

People in the area have posted the desecration on Facebook and WhatsApp, questioning whether the officials did not know the difference of father of the nation and present leaders.

The controversy came to the notice of Collector C. Kathiravan, who reprimanded the authorities. ‘Maximum, they may have been covered with paper, cloth. Why did you destroy the portraits by limestone water? , he questioed.

Following this, yesterday morning, the corporation administration undertook the task of re-drawing the leaders portraits.

Some social activists posted this on the WhatsApp with a comment the officials should be properly guided on code of conduct.

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