ECI provides directions for voters ahead of COVID protocols

The Election Commission has issued guidelines on the procedures to be followed by the voters in the run-up to the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls tomorrow, the procedures to be followed by first-time voters and the security features to be followed due to the Corona outbreak.

For the first time in Tamil Nadu, the voting time has been changed to suit the Corona period. Voting usually starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. It has now been announced that voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., allowing corona victims to vote for an additional hour, depending on the corona spread.

It is a good idea for voters to know from the first day what their polling booth number is, to avoid fuss when voting. For this, you can go to the Election Commission website and find out about your polling station. There will be agents in front of the polls with the voter list so you can go to them and find out. Those who do not have a voter ID card can carry any of the 11 identity documents stated by the ECI including Aadhar, Passport, PAN card and so on.

The voters must stand in line with social distance during voting. They ought to wear a face mask. Hand Sanitizer will be given to everyone before voting and then a body temperature test with a thermometer. Then gloves will be provided. (Right hand only). Voters will be given gloves (right hand only) after washing their hands with sanitiser before entering the polling booth.

Wear the full right-hand envelope provided to them and show it to the First Electoral Officer stating the Booth Slip (or your Part Number Serial Number Details) issued to you along with the voter ID card or any other document, if any. After confirming your identity, the first election official will say the voter’s name, part number and serial number aloud.

After this is confirmed by the election agents you have to go to the second election officer and sign the 17 A register. Then indelible ink will be placed on your left index finger. He will then give you a voter slip to vote for. After receiving it and going to the 3rd Electoral Officer and giving that voter slip he will give you permission to go to the area where the EVM machine is and vote.

You must go to the polling machine and press your candidate’s button with your right glove to ensure that the beep sounds and the red light near the candidate is lit. You can then make sure that the symbol of the candidate you voted for is printed and displayed for 7 seconds on the nearby VVPAT machine. Then come out of the polling station and take off the right glove you are wearing and put it in the corresponding plastic garbage bag and leave the polling station.

Voters will not be permitted if their body temperature is higher than average. Regular voters are allowed to vote until 6 p.m. Those with coronavirus infection and those isolated are allotted an hour to vote over 6 p.m. Such persons may come alone and vote between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm. No one (including voters, agents) other than the polling station chief is allowed to carry a cell phone inside the polling booth.

The Election Commission is who are over 80 years offering a free service through Uber to voters over the age of 80 and for the physically challenged to go to the polls within 5 km. Prior registration is required to use this.

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