EC officials monitor cash transactions in banks

Tamil Nadu Assembly elections are scheduled to be held on April 6. Following this, the election code of conduct has come into force throughout Tamil Nadu.

Election Returning Officers and Assistant Officers have been appointed in all the 8 Assembly constituencies in Erode District.

Flying squads, static surveillance and video surveillance teams have been deployed across the district to monitor the situation.

They work 24-hour throughout the district.

Thus the police are actively monitoring the check posts across the district.

As per the code of conduct of the election, if one carries more than Rs 50,000, the relevant documents have to be submitted.

If not, the money will be confiscated, the Election Commission said.

Following this, the flying squads are actively monitoring the vehicles and confiscating more than Rs. 50,000 being carried without proper documents.

Thus merchants and businessmen are in turmoil.

In this situation, various restrictions have been imposed on money transfer in banks.

Election officials are closely monitoring transactions above Rs 10 lakh.

A consultative meeting has already been held in Erode with the participation of bank managers in this regard.

In it they were instructed to disclose details such as in whose name the money transfer of takes place at the time of the election.

Officials are monitoring the transaction at all the banks in Erode district. In particular, the authorities are collecting information about persons who transact more than Rs 10 lakh, sources said.

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