EC code of conduct hit textile trade

The EC code of conduct of carrying only Rs 50000 without document hit the turmeric and textile trade in the district, many traders said and wanted the EC to hike the ceiling upto Rs 1 lakh.

They said that small traders would visit the 4 turmeric auction centres in the district, where auction will be held daily, to buy 5-10 quintals of turmeric by carrying cash.

Now, due to the code, they were not able to carry cash as the EC flying squad seized the money, above Rs 50000, carried without proper document.

Similarly, the small traders of various states and districts would visit the Gani textile market at Erode to buy cloth at wholesale price on shandy days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now, they were also facing problems in carrying cash so that the market wore deserted look.

So, the traders pleaded to the EC to hike the ceiling of carrying cash upto Rs 1 lakh without proper document.

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