e-regn must for inter-district vehicles

Vehicles coming from other districts and states without e-registration were stopped at the Erode district boundaries and sent back by the police.

A complete curfew has been imposed in Tamil Nadu to prevent the spread of corona infection.

The public is allowed to go out only for essential needs such as marriage, death and medical care.

Those who go out from one district to another in vehicles are advised to e-register and keep the relevant form with the relevant proof.

This e-registration system came into effect across Tamil Nadu yesterday.

Check posts were set up at various places in Erode district and vehicles movement was closely monitored. Police on security duty, especially at the district boundaries, stopped all vehicles entering the district and interrogated motorists.

The investigation revealed that many people came in vehicles without e-registration.

The police did not allow them. Furthermore, the police, who explained that the e-registration system was mandatory, deported those who did not have the registration certificate.

Similarly, police conducted vehicle inspections at various places within the Erode district.

Police allowed front-line personnel to go for medical needs.

The police then instructed others to e-register to go from one district to another as well.

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