DVAC raid

The Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption conducted a probe on the allegations that Vijayabaskar, a former health minister of the AIADMK, amassed wealth in excess of his income.

It was revealed that Vijayabaskar had bought and accumulated assets in his own name and in the name of his family including his wife and that the assets had been purchased in other ways without proper income.

More than 200 DVAC sleuths raided a total of 50 places simultaneously including 8 places in Chennai, 32 places in Pudukkottai, 4 places in Tiruchirappalli, one place each in Madurai and Kanchipuram, 2 places each in Coimbatore and Chengalpattu.

The raid was carried out at Vijayabaskar’s house in Chennai and his family house in Illuppur, Pudukkottai district.

The raid was conducted at various locations such as home and office, 10 sites belonging to Mother Teresa Educational Institutions, Mother Teresa Education Trust Office, Thiruvengaivaasal and Muthudaiyanpatti.

The raids also took place at the houses of former minister Vijayabaskar’s father Chinnathambi and brother Udayakumar. The raid took place at 32 places in the Pudukkottai district, including the houses of Pudukkottai AIADMK town secretary Bhaskar, his supporters Pondichelvan and Gurumannar.

A total of Rs 23,85,700 in cash, 4870 grams of gold, registration certificates of 136 heavy vehicles, 19 computer hard disks and important documents were seized, police said.

A simultaneous raid at 50 places associated with the former minister Vijayabaskar found that assets worth more than Rs 27.22 crores had been accumulated in excess of income, much to the shock of the public.

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