DVAC raid in KC Veeramani’s house: Rs 34 lakhs, documents confiscated

Residences, offices and other places owned by former AIADMK Minister KC Veeramani and his associates were raided by the Anti-Corruption Department on Thursday.

The Anti-Corruption Department has now released a report on the completion of the investigation.

It said, “KC Veeramani, former Minister for Commercial Taxes and Registration, Government of Tamil Nadu, was booked by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC), Vellore on 15.09.2021 on charges of amassing excessive assets during his tenure in the name of his family members and the companies in which he is a partner.

In connection with the case, the DVAC sleuths raided a total of 35 locations including two locations in Bangalore and six locations in Chennai, including the residences and other places linked with the former minister, his associates.

During the raid, Rs1,80,000 worth foreign exchange dollars, 9 luxury cars (including a Rolls-Royce), 5 computer hard disks, key documents related to assets, 4.987 kg (623 pieces) of gold jewellery, 47 grams of diamond jewellery, 7.2 kg of silverware and bank account books were found.

Rs 34 lakhs cash and important documents related to the case were confiscated.

This was stated in a statement issued by the Anti-Corruption Department.

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