Drone that can fly for 24hrs

Drones are being used in various fields for public use in the 21st century. Small drones are also used to deliver medicine and food items in emergencies.

These drones are currently capable of flying short distances only.
In this context, a variety of drones were on display at the military aircraft exhibition that began on September 28 in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

The huge CH6 drone, which is capable of flying 24 hours a day with military equipment, has caught the attention of the entire world.

The drone, which can fly at a maximum speed of 700 kilometres per hour, can carry 7.8 tons of military equipment, radars and bombs. It is equipped with modern security arrangements to prevent attacks from the ground. The CH drones, which developed the drone, said it could also be used to locate submarines, maritime patrol, security and alert for disasters.

The exhibition also featured the world’s smallest drone, the CH: 817. The company said the drone, which weighs just 800 grams, could be launched from another drone. The development of a two-seater drone ambulance is also being tested.

As the drone technology advanced to the next level, a crow attacked a drone that went to deliver food in Australia. The video of a crow attacking a drone that went to deliver coffee in the country’s suburban state of Harrisson State has gone viral on the internet.

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