Dr Krishnasamy insists on postponement of counting

Dr Krishnasamy, chief of the Puthiya Thamizhagam party, spoke to the press in Kuniyamuthur, Coimbatore.

He then condemned the government for holding a meeting with certain parties in the name of an all-party meeting regarding the reopening of the Sterlite Copper Plant. He claimed that the Puthiya Thamizhagam(PT) party was not invited to the meeting.

He said the coronavirus infection was increasing day by day and these governments were pushing for a complete curfew. He also said that there were allegations regarding the shortage of drugs and oxygen and that the governor himself should hold an all-party meeting and take appropriate precautionary measures at the district and panchayat levels.

He also said that from May 1, the student wing of PT will create awareness among the people about the preventive measures against the virus. He also said that in today’s environment it is possible to produce oxygen through iron ore companies. He also said that the government should stop imposing fines on those who do not wear face masks at present and give them face masks to create awareness.

He questioned why the central government had allowed only two companies in India to produce the vaccine, adding that the government should give permission to all companies with facilities to produce the vaccine and that everyone would be vaccinated if the vaccine was given for a maximum of 250 rupees.

He then said, “As there is a rapid surge in the number of COVID cases, it is better to postpone the vote counting that is set to be conducted on May 2. Had I been given the authority, I would have eradicated the pandemic within three months”.

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