Dr Krishnasamy demands white paper on maintenance of temples in TN

Dr Krishnasamy said in a press meet that the government should release a white paper on the maintenance of temples in Tamil Nadu and that the death of actor Vivek should be subjected to a medical examination.

Various parties have been urging the government to hand over the maintenance of all the temples in Tamil Nadu which have been spreading widely recently to the devotees. On that basis, Puthiya Thamizhagam Party leader Dr Krishnasamy spoke to the press on Saturday in Kuniyamuthur, ​​Coimbatore. He said that the government was not maintaining the temples properly enough and the government was operating with the revenue coming from the big temples.

He said the government was refusing to protect the small temples with the proceeds from those temples, adding that the government should immediately issue a white paper on the issue of land grabbing in temples and the high number of idol theft cases in Tamil Nadu.

He also condoled the death of actor Vivek and said that there should be a medical examination as to whether he died due to the vaccine.

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