‘Do not operate powerlooms’

The Chennimalai Region Power Loom Owners’ Association has pleaded to its members not to operate looms in violation of the general shutdown rules.

In this regard, the statement issued by the President of the Association Pon. Eeswaramurthy said: The Chennimalai area has been severely affected by the corona epidemic.

But, it has been reported that some persons were operating looms in violation of curfew norms. The officials have issued a final warning to them and asked the association to advise them.

Meanwhile, the association has already announced that the holiday for looms was extended till June 13. However, the district administration has said that some power looms are operating in some parts of Chennimalai and those units will be sealed.

The association would not protect the violators if action is taken. Therefore, it is advised not to violate the general curfew rules.

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