DMK poll promise to improve milk production

The DMK’s poll promise of reducing the selling price of milk and increasing the purchase price by Rs 3 per liter would increase milk production in the state, said AM Munusamy, state president of the Tamil Nadu Milk Producers’ Association.

He said that in Tamil Nadu, 5 lakh milk producers supply milk to Aavin and 10 lakh families to the private dairies. Thus 1.50 crore liters of milk is sold daily.

Aavin management purchases 35 lakh liters of milk daily.

Private milk companies, traders, direct sellers buy and sell 1.15 crore liters of milk.

In 2017, the purchase price was increased to Rs. 32 per liter of cow milk and Rs. 42 per liter of buffalo milk.

Private companies also offer similar prices.

Purchase prices have not risen since 2017 affecting the milk producers profitability due to rising cost of production.

However, the selling price has been raised by various companies and traders.

Previously, purchase prices were fixed by holding a meeting between the Milk Producers Association, purchasing companies and government officials.

Milk producers have been affected as the AIADMK government has arbitrarily announced lower purchase prices without convening such meetings.

In this context, we welcome the announcement in the DMK manifesto that action will be taken to raise the purchase price and reduce the selling price, he said.

Milk production will increase as 200 ml of milk supply is promised for school students.

It will increase cattle breeding and boost the economy of farmers and producers and encourage Aavin management to increase milk purchases and expand sales, he hoped.

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