Director of seed certification visits Bhavani

Director of Seed Certification and Organic Certification M Subbiah inspected Government Seed Processing Stations and Organic Farms in the district on Thursday.

In the district, seeds are produced and distributed to farmers in high yielding varieties certified by the Department of Seed Certification and Organic Certification, Government of Tamil Nadu.

The field level seeds produced in this manner at the seed processing centres at Bhavani and Sathy are being distributed by the Seed Certification Officers.

Seed samples are taken, the seeds are tested in the laboratory, the seed quality is confirmed and the certificate is affixed and distributed to the farmers in the respective areas by the Regional Extension Centres in all blocks.

Currently, the Bhavani seed processing centre is in full swing to process the field seed pods of paddy, pulses and oilseeds produced during the last samba season.

In this situation, the Director of Seed Certification and Organic Certification K M Subbaiah and joint director Asir Kanagarajan visited the Bhavani centre.

During the study, field level quantity of seeds, seed cleaning, processed seeds, packet weight, seed sampling methods, moisture verification etc were examined.

They advised all seed certification procedures should be carried out in a timely manner to ensure quality seed production without delay.

They then inspected a private organic farm in the village of Kuppichipalayam in the Ammapettai area.

They studied inputs used for organic farming, how to prepare them on the farm, and quality of naturally grown vegetables, sugarcane, bananas, paddy and coconut crops.

During the inspection Erode District Seed Certification Assistant Director P. Yasoda, Bhavani Block Assistant Director of Agriculture Kumarasamy, Agriculture Officers Vanitha and Gokulavasan were present.

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