Design thinking contest – winners Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Taylor’s University, Malaysia and KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (KPRIET) which had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) conducted a design thinking contest recently.

A design thinking course is being conducted in KPRIET attended by 25 students and thirty faculty members.

The students have been divided into 25 teams each comprising 9 with a faculty member as mentor.

Every team worked on their independent and individual projects.

The tasks undertaken by each team were monitored closely by mentors.

An expert team of five facilitators from KPRIET was in turn allotted and each member monitored 5 teams.

The Teams which completed their tasks and won badges came under the team from Taylor’s university, Malaysia.

This University South East Asia’s No.1 University evaluated the 25 teams and announced the top 5 student participants, top 5 mentors and top 5 teams in appreciation of their innovative projects on design thinking.

The teams named Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Alpha and Moon presented their final projects on February 18 and Team Mars emerged the winners bagging 300 Ringgits (Rs.5500)

The head of the winning team, Mars Dr.Geetha, Head of the Department of Science and Humanities in her briefing stated that her project was to mobilize networking technology for smart agriculture.

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