Desecration of leaders portraits flayed


Desecration of the portraits of national leaders Gandhi, Nehru, Kamaraj and Abdul Kalam, drawn on the walls of corporation middle school at SKC road, Erode, by throwing lime mixed water by election staff drew flak from the public.

As Assembly elections will be held in Tamil Nadu on April 6, the EC enforced the model code of conduct under which, the local body staff started wrapping leaders statues in public places and hiding their portraits by pasting papers on it. Similarly, political inscriptions and flagpoles were covered.

Corporation staff involved in this work in the Erode Corporation area. But, unfortunately, they desecrated the portraits of Gandhi, Nehru, Kamaraj and Abdul Kalam, painted on the walls of the school.

Such action hurt the feelings of many among the public who condemned the action strongly. Once in 2 years, Parliament, assembly and local body elections are coming.

So, each time, the paintings of leaders and paintings like lotus, national flower, and many related to school syllabus were damaged in similar manner in public places and schools etc in the name of enforcing election code of conduct.

In fact, the teachers and HMs of government schools paint their school walls after much hardship and by getting public donations in order to lure students and make the school environment pleasant. But, only a few staff realise the value of the paintings and carefully handle them while enforcing the code of conduct, social activists rued.

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