Dengue prevention activities in Coimbatore

1000 Corporation workers are to be deployed to eradicate dengue mosquito worms in the areas under the Corporation of Coimbatore and to take precautionary measures to prevent dengue fever.

In the last few days, some people in Coimbatore have been suffering from dengue fever and have been treated in private and government hospitals. In the last few months, the corporation administration has been advising the corporation employees to go door-to-door along with the mosquito eradication workers and cleaners to control the spread of the disease.

Based on this, out of 100 wards under the corporation, with a split-up of 10 persons per ward, a total of 1000 corporation employees are involved in dengue eradication work. A corporation official said, “These employees will go to the houses in the wards under the corporation and inspect the drinking water storages, water tanks and other places where water may stagnate.

” Abate drugs are then poured into the water. After that, they will go to the houses of the dengue patients and engage in health work known as mass cleaning for a distance of about 500 meters”.

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