Demokratika launches electoral info app at Chennai

Demokratika has launched the BolSubol app that is aimed to empower voters online providing vital election information and the strength to communicate with any candidate from the comfort of home.

The BolSubol App analysed the working age population of Tamil Nadu which constitutes 68.8% of the total electoral count, about 53% found the economic agenda and the performance cards of the MLAs and that of prospective candidates would matter to them the most.

The survey showed also predicted that 65 % of the working population in urban areas and 80% in rural areas would execute their voting rights with informed decisions and prior studies.

The App has all the economic and political information about all the constituencies in India for over 60 years on an average.

Says Sheshgiri, theDirector of Demokratika,” a combination of governance data and engagement is needed to make the correct political choices in a democracy”

The BolSubol App, on a voters’ smartphone, will enable to get historical, economic, demographic, social and electoral data of the constituency, it will also provide news & views and also key government schemes and focus actions.

Adds Sheshgiri, for the first time, the world witnesses a powerful microblogging tool at the exclusive service of the Indian voter.

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