Dedicated WhatsApp number for bribery complaints

Coimbatore district Collector Sameeran introduced a WhatsApp number to facilitate the lodging of complaints on government officials who indulge in bribery.

This is an initiative by the district administration to curb bribery in the public sector departments. The public can lodge complaints against government officials who are involved in bribery through a dedicated WhatsApp number 9597787550.

In an official release issued by the District Collector Sameeran said that all government offices in the Coimbatore district have to put up a display board saying ‘Giving and receiving bribes is a crime’. The board has to be visible to the public in order to create awareness.

“The addresses and phone numbers of the offices of Deputy Commissioner of Police and Anti-corruption and Vigilance bureau have to be displayed in the office premises so that the public can file complaints regarding bribery either in person or through phone,” the statement read.

“It must contain the following information: Director, Anti-Corruption and Vigilance Department, No 293, MKN Road, Alandur, Chennai -16. Telephone No: 044+24615989, 24615929. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Anticorruption and Vigilance Department, No 4, First street, Ramasamy Nagar, Near Fire Service Station, Koundampalayam, Coimbatore 30; Telephone: 04222449500”.

Apart from the above-given numbers, the public can use the dedicated WhatsApp number for lodging complaints on bribery. The Collector’s action has created a panic in the minds of government officials in the district.

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