DAP fertilizer price fixed

Erode :
The District Collector C. Kathiravan, said that the maximum selling price of DAP fertilizer has been fixed at Rs.1200 per bag as per the Fertilizer Policy of the Government.

Retailers and wholesalers are requested not to sell DAP fertilizer above Rs.1200. Farmers in Erode district are currently engaged in agricultural activity.

All fertilizers are stockpiled and distributed through private fertilizer outlets and cooperative credit unions.

Therefore, retailers should not sell at a price higher than the price fixed by the government. Violation will result in disciplinary action.

Also, as the fertilizer is distributed through the point of sales machine, the farmers have to carry the Aadhar card when they go to the fertilizer outlet.

Mandatory receipt must be obtained. Ryots can contact the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Quality Control) and Regional Fertilizer Inspectors for details regarding fertilizers, he said.

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