Dairy day launches new range of ice cream cakes

Dairy Day, ice cream brand in India has introduced new range of 500 ML Ice Cream Cakes into the market.
These 100% Vegetarian Eggless Ice Cream Cakes comes in 4 new flavours of Red Velvet, Choco Mocha, Choco Fantasy and Honey Almond.

Red Velvet, Choco Mocha, Choco Fantasy and Honey Almond Ice Cream Cakes, priced at Rs. 299 onwards will be available in 500ml packs.

These new flavors will be available across 30,000 plus outlets in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Pondicherry, according to a communication from the company.

Mr. M N Jaganath, Co-founder, Dairy Day said “Dairy Day Ice Cream Cake offers consumers the delecteble combination of both the desserts which will give them a delectable experience.

We will be launching a series of new flavours and products this summer”

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