Covid test made mandatory at Chennai Airport

Chennai airport has brought back the mandatory coronavirus test for foreign passengers, causing a great stir among air travellers.

Coronavirus screening has been made mandatory again from Tuesday morning for foreign passengers arriving at Chennai International Airport due to the increasing spread of the mutated coronavirus in foreign countries and the second wave of COVID 19 especially in states like Maharashtra and Kerala.

The medical screening for coronavirus for foreign passengers has been conducted at the Chennai International Airport since January 22 last year due to the outbreak of the pandemic. As the spread decreased gradually, various relaxations have been brought forth.

The health department has enforced the rule that if the travellers come with a negative certificate, they do not have a medical examination at the Chennai International Airport. Thus, foreign travellers can leave the Chennai International Airport without a coronavirus test, showing the medical examination certificate taken within 72 hours of their journey.

In the last few days, the spread of coronavirus has been on the rise in some parts of India, especially in states like Maharashtra and Kerala. Similarly, a new variant of the virus has also been spreading in other countries.

As a result, all foreign travellers arriving at the Chennai International Airport from Tuesday morning will be required to undergo a coronavirus test, though they have a tested certificate issued in other countries.

All passengers coming from all over the world including Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and European countries are required to undergo a medical examination at the Chennai airport. There are 2 types of charges announced for this namely Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 2,500 have been fixed. If you check go for the test for which a fee of Rs. 1,200 is collected, the result will come within 6 to 8 hours.

If the test with a fee of Rs 2500 is opted, the results will be out within 2 to 4 hours.Passengers with a positive result will be immediately admitted to hospitals for coronavirus treatment.

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