Couple donates 100 fans to ESI hospital

While the entire world is stuck in a great crisis, humanity happens to be the sole thread that holds the rest of our hopes.

A couple from Coimbatore has donated 100 fans to the Government Medical College and ESI Hospital, Singanallur for the welfare of the COVID patients. The Government ESI Hospital in Singanallur Coimbatore is fully air-conditioned.

As per the guidelines, AC should not be used during the COVID times. As the number of patients is increasing day by day, the fans available were not sufficient. So the Dean of ESI Hospital had on Tuesday announced that there was a shortage of fans in the hospital and if people wish to give away fans, they can get it back once the pandemic is over.

Following the announcement, a couple from Coimbatore who does not want to reveal their identity donated 100 fans worth Rs 2,20,000 to the patients. It seems that they have mortgaged their jewellery to buy those fans. While the dean asked them to provide four or five fans as per their convenience, they refused and gave away all the 100 fans to the hospital.

The authorities, District Collector, doctors and other staff members of the hospital extended their gratitude to the couple for their generosity.

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