Counting on May 2: I lakh cops on security duty across TN

Elections for 234 assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu were held in a single phase on April 6. On the night after the polls closed, all electronic voting machines(EVM) were taken to the counting centres with heavy security.

Votes cast in 16 Assembly constituencies in Chennai are being kept at 3 counting centres namely Loyola College, Rani Mary College and Anna University. The voting machines of 10 constituencies in the Coimbatore district are kept at the Government College of Technology. As such, the EVMs are kept constituency-wise in 75 centres across Tamil Nadu.

Police are on 24-hour security at all these counting centres. The ‘Strong Room’, where the EVMs are kept, is being monitored by armed paramilitary forces. Apart from them, the Tamil Nadu Special Police and the armed forces are on subsequent levels of security duty. Local police from the respective areas are stationed at the entrance of the counting centres.

Thus 4 layers of protection have been put in place. In this situation, the counting of votes will take place in 234 constituencies on May 2. In turn, heavy security arrangements have been made across the state. 1 lakh 20 thousand policemen are on duty in Tamil Nadu.

Of these, 1 lakh cops are engaged in security work on the counting of votes. Surveillance cameras have been installed at all counting centres across the state. It is noteworthy that the cameras were set to rotate 24 hours before the rooms where the EVMs are placed.

The full curfew will be enforced on Sunday, the day of the counting of votes so that no one other than the staff involved in the counting of votes and the political figures employed at the counting centres will be allowed to move.

There are 24 thousand policemen on duty in Chennai. Of these, 20,000 cops are engaged in security duty on the day of counting. Victory celebrations have already been banned and it has been advised to take action against anyone who explodes firecrackers.

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