Corpn officials told to enforce curfew norms strictly

Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner P. Kumaravel Pandian advised all Corporation officials to enforce the curfew announced by the Government to control the corona epidemic from April 20.

He said that ”In the Corporation areas, night curfew from 10.00 pm to 4.00 am has to be fully complied with by the public. No vehicular traffic is allowed during the night curfew.

All bus stations, including private and suburban bus stations will be closed from 10.00 pm to 4.00 am.

Vehicle traffic for emergency and medical needs is only permitted. Meat shops, fish markets and vegetable stalls should not be opened on the full curfew observed on Sundays.

Cinema theaters and shopping malls should not be opened.

Milk, paper distribution workers pharmacies, hospitals, medical laboratories can function. On the full curfew observed on Sundays, only parcel service will be allowed in restaurants from 6am to 10pm, 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm.

A few food service companies may be allowed to operate only at the above times.

It should be noted that on all days, including full curfew days, no more than 100 people attend ceremonies such as weddings and no more than 50 people attend funerals.

A notice board should be put up stating that there is no public access to parks, zoos and museums in the Corporation areas.

Only 50 people can be allowed in religious festivals that were previously allowed. Schools, colleges, theaters, restaurants, etc. should be monitored by the Flying squad.

Corporation officials must ensure that all people and organizations adhere to the above standard guidelines. In addition, the disease control areas of the corporation should be closely monitored.

Roads where more than three houses are infected should be declared as control areas. Diagnostic tests should be intensified.

The Assistant Commissioner of Administration and the Municipal Officer should immediately take necessary steps to arrange for testing work. Municipal Officers are required to reactivate and construct mobile diagnostic labs.

The corporation must systematically monitor those who are isolated at home through the corona control room. A house-to-house diagnostic survey should be conducted by the staff and a record kept accordingly.

At least 20 corona medical camps should be conducted per day in each zone.

Zonal health officers should obtain and monitor the details of the infection on a street wise basis.

The Commissioner shall inform them of its details. Corona vaccination camps should be conducted without delay.

The Officers should take action to post the details of the corona prevention activities on the Corporation’s website and they must take action to make public aware of the details of corona prevention and safety practices through audio and video programmes, he added.

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