Corona virus infects the liver: On World Liver Day experts advice on safeguarding liver

Leading hematologists say that besides hepatitis virus the corona virus also infects the liver.

In a paper released on World Liver Day, Dr. Neelamekam Thoppa Kapali,Head, Surgery-Gastro & Minimal Access Surgery, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai has said that in China, the first country infected with the corona virus underwent liver test for recovery.

Liver examination revealed that 50 percent of the patients had moderate liver damage.

The exact cause of how the corona virus affects the liver is not known.

Fatty liver itself a syndrome due to our lifestyle rather to blame any disease.

In the current pandemic wave it is noticed that many patients with corona infection are in great distress due to liver infections.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the liver very carefully.

Liver function test should be done to protect and keep the liver healthy.

Tests including HAV Igm, Anti HCV, HBs Ag are also required.

After that it is very important to act on the advice of doctors.

If the liver is left unattended with the symptoms that appear when the liver is not doing its job, it will be completely damaged, and many parts of the body will become completely inactive.

So, attention is needed.

Focusing on food and water can take care of liver damage.

Also one can prevent fatty liver damage if you exercise and avoid taking desired foods whenever your desire triggers or without any timeline.

At the same time, the advice of doctors is very important.

Taking care of dehydration can help to prevent liver damage.

People can always add apple cider vinegar before meals.

Mix apple cider vinegar and honey in a tumbler of water and drink it twice a day.

Eating gooseberry which is high in vitamin C. Turmeric, spinach, carrot juice and papaya also help prevent dehydration, Dr.Neelakandant has stressed.

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