Corona tests held for 4.14 lakh in Erode

So far, corona testing has been conducted on 4.14 lakh people in Erode district.

The test for corona has been going on in Erode district since March last year.

Since May, more than 1,000 PCRs have been tested daily.

As well as after June, tests were conducted on 2,000 people at various locations such as government hospitals, medical college hospitals and primary health centers.

At the same time, the recovery rate of corona sufferers increased.

Over the past four months, less than 50 people have been affected by corona due to various activities, and over the past few days, the number has dropped to less than 15.

The day before yesterday, only 8 people were affected.

13 people recovered. Currently, in treatment, there are only 117 people.

So far, 15,046 people have been diagnosed with corona and 14,779 have been cured.

Only 150 people have died. Currently, the incidence of corona is increasing and more than 1,200 people are being tested daily.

So far, at the district level, 4,14,663 people have been tested for corona, the health department said.

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