Corona prevention measures intensified

The health department has intensified preventive and precautionary measures against the rising number of corona infections in Erode district.

The number of corona infections in Erode district has dropped to an average of less than 15 a day earlier this month. But it rose to 60 on April 7, the health department said.

The number of cases in Chennai and Coimbatore districts are increasing and the number of cases in Erode district is likely to increase.

So, the health department has intensified preventive measures and precautionary measures to treat the victims.

Deputy Director of Health Services Soundammal said: Corona infection are on the rise. So, public should follow the safety norms like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently, using vaccines etc.

Steps have been taken to increase the number of vaccinators and to create awareness about the vaccine.

Government hospitals have been ordered to provide bed facilities to treat the victims even if their number is more than 3 times than the existing level.

So far, no part of the district was declared as containment zone. The areas to be sealed if the number of vulnerabilities starts to increase.

This can only be brought under control with the full cooperation of the public.Corona infection is easily caused by people visiting outside in connection with industry and business, including those who come here from other areas.

Therefore, the public should be very careful. If you have any symptoms, you should undergo corona test without delay, she advised.

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