Corona: Corpn Hospital closed for 3rd time

The Corporation Maternity Hospital has been closed for the 3rd time due to corona infection to 2 employees.

Corona vaccination and corona testing are being carried out at the Corporation Maternity Hospital premises at Gandhiji Road, Erode.

The hospital was closed for 3 days during the last 10 days due to corona infection to 2 pregnant women.

Then, on 25th of last month, 2 people, including a nurse, were confirmed to have corona infection and the hospital was closed for 2 days and preventive measures were taken.
Following this, the Corporation Maternity Hospital came into operation on 28th April.
Corona infection was confirmed on Friday to 2 employees working in the maternity hospital.

The maternity hospital was closed for the third time on Saturday.

The hospital will reopen on May 4, said Corporation Commissioner M. Ilangovan.

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