Corona control helpline centre created

As corona cases are surging daily, the district administration created a corona control helpline centre to help people, Collector C Kathiravan has said.

He said that Government Hospitals in Erode District have 834 beds, temporary corona virus treatment centers have 2,700 beds to treat the affected.

Around 4,85,802 persons in the district have undergone corona test till date. Of 18,197 people affected persons till date in Erode district, 16,126 have recovered. 1918 persons are currently receiving treatment.

As a precautionary measure against the spread of corona virus, inquiries can be made to the 24-hour Emergency Control Center at 0424-1077, 0424-2260211, WhatsApp at 9791788852 and the State Helpline at 1075.

Perundurai Government Erode Medical College Hospital has 550 beds, Erode Government General Hospital has 208 beds and Gobi, Bhavani, Sathy, Anthiyur and Perundurai Government Hospitals have 834 beds. Now, 368 inpatients and 105 outpatients were getting treatment.

In addition, 2700 beds were kept ready in temporary corona treatment centers in private colleges and PHCs. Besides, 307 beds are ready in private hospitals.

In Erode district, 1044 persons have been isolated at home. Adequate stocks of corona virus vaccine are available.

In addition, corona virus vaccine is provided free of cost at Government Erode Medical College Hospital, Erode Government General Hospital and Government Primary Health Centers.

The public should immediately seek medical advice from the nearest government hospital if they have any symptoms of the disease, including colds and flu.

Traders, industries, etc should strictly follow corona safety norms by asking the customers and staff to wear masks, use hand sanitizers etc.

A fine of Rs.200 will be levied if the public do not wear a mask.

Failure to ask customers to wear masks at the above shops or establishments or for non-compliance with government regulations will result in the companies being locked up and fined up to Rs. 5,000. Severe action will be taken on violators of norms, he warned.

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